w/ Scott Amendola and Karl Evangelista, Oakland, CA, 2016

w/ Scott Amendola and Karl Evangelista, Oakland, CA, 2016

Jason Hoopes is the bassist for Fred Frith Trio and Jack O’ The Clock. He has played for Annie Lewandowski’s powerdove, Eat The Sun, Satya Sena (w/ Peijman Kouretchian of Secret Chiefs 3), and Kyle Bruckmann’s Degradient among numerous others. As bassist, Jason focuses his attention on the 4-string electric bass guitar. He has performed throughout the US, Europe, and at the SESC festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In addition to those listed above, Jason has the honor of performing with Rova Sax Quartet, Chris Brown, Susanna Santos Silva, Heike Liss, John Zorn, Nina Haft's dance company, Peiling Kao, Darren Johnston, Scott Amendola, Karl Evangelista, Nava Dunkelman, Theresa Wong, Jessica Lurie, Lotte Anker, among numerous others. Jason is a painter, and writes poetry under the pseudonym Rachtious Palmer.

Fred Frith Trio (Technical Rider)

Fred Frith
1 x Fender Blues Deluxe amplifier with a box, chair or table to raise the amp height
1 x guitar stand
1 x small table
1 x 230v power source near playing position

Jason Hoopes
1 x Gallien-Krueger (GK) 1001RB amp w/ appropriate Speakon speaker cables (2), both at least 2-meters long
1 - GK 4x10 speaker cab
1 - GK 1x15 speaker cab
1 x 230v power source near playing position

Jordan Glenn
4 piece kit
- 1 x 14“ snare
- 1 x 12“ rack tom
- 1 x 14“ floor tom
- 1 x 20“ bass drum
3 x cymbal stands (one boom stand!)
1 x hi-hat stand
DW or Yamaha bass drum pedal
*Remo Coated Ambassador heads on snare and toms
**Remo Coated Power-stroke on bass drum (beater side)

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