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Dirty Snacks Ensemble & Scott Amendola Trio

  • Peralta Annex 3003 Peralta Street Oakland, CA, 94608 United States (map)

Sunday, September 8th, 8 pm
The Peralta Annex
3003 Peralta St, Oakland CA 94608

The Dirty Snacks Ensemble
Mark Clifford-Pascucci, vibraphone/sampler/vocals/composition
Geneva Harrison, drums
Scott Brown, bass
Steve Blum, keyboard
Robert Woods-Ladue, percussion/guitar
Crystal Clifford-Pascucci, cello
Cory Wright, clarinet

Amendola Trio
Scott Amendola, drums
Karl Evangelista, guitar
Jason Hoopes, bass

The Dirty Snacks Ensemble is an eclectic art song/post jazz ensemble formed by Oakland based vibraphonist and composer, Mark Clifford-Pascucci, in early 2011. In composing for the DSE, Clifford finds the balance between long form compositional structures, free improvisation, and short ditties while still maintaining musical freedom for his immensely talented ensemble. The music reflects a wide range of influences, running the gamut from Kool Keith to Bela Bartok. The Dirty Snacks Ensemble released their first full length record, Tidy Universe (Recollect Records), in June of 2016, and released a follow up album of rarities and basement recordings, Another Man’s Treasure in March 2017. The Dirty Snacks Ensemble is currently recording their second studio record, You Would Do Well, which is set to be released in the spring of 2020.

Amendola Trio is the sound of three as one: Scott Amendola playing drums/percussion/electronics; Karl Evangelista on guitar; and Jason Hoopes, electric bass. Playing music written by all members, they explore the song to the sound. Together they have a unique connection that brings the music to interesting places. Never the same twice.

The Peralta Annex is a standalone warehouse in West Oakland of brick and wood that our neighbors, a photographer and a writer, that on occasion open up to share within the creative community and celebrate their love of music.

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